Sleep Apnea
As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration focuses more and more on this thing called sleep apnea, the more pain it is causing the CDL driver. As a driver recruiter, I have grown accustomed to having drivers D.Q. because of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, but now Sleep Apnea is the primary factor in failing the physical.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation as to what the process and costs are associated with having been identified as having "Sleep Apnea Risk Factors".  

  1. This can happen to you at anytime you take a DOT physical.  In the majority of these cases, you might possibly be issued a 90 day card. Even with that, your company can suspend you pending the completion of a sleep study.

  2. You can pretty much tell if you have Sleep Apnea risk factors.  Listed below is the link to a BMI calculator, and also a risk factor questionnaire link.

  3. I am not endorsing, or selling CPAP machines!  As the majority of you know, that I feel as part of being a recruiter, is also making sure you aware of situations or circumstances that you might not be prepared for.

  4. The company "AeroFlow Healthcare" does specialize in the transportation industry.  I have reviewed their procedures and pricing with several of the safety managers, and they all agree, that AeroFlow is competent and follow through when they are needed.

With that having been said, I have listed AeroFlow on our website, along with basic information on their services and products.  AeroFlow helped develop the in home sleep test, no expensive clinic test required, and is very capable of serving your needs regardless of where you live. Again, I do not have a relationship with this organization, so please direct your questions to AeroFlow 1-866-650-7508.



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